"Our globe, slowly rotating in the luminance of the sun, gives us a daily cascade of sentiment and a never ending source of images to draw from."

On the Road On the Road
The Tower of Babel The Tower of Babel
Cathedral Cathedral
Pink Elephants Pink Elephants
Squash 11 Squash 11
Machine et Paysage Machine et Paysage
Fountain Fountain
Walk on Kastellholmen Walk on Kastellholmen
Årsta Afternoon Årsta Afternoon
Zombies Zombies
Barlife Red Barlife Red
Krazy Kitchen Red Krazy Kitchen Red
Man in Blue and Red Man in Blue and Red
Barlife Green Barlife Green
Krazy Kitchen No2 Krazy Kitchen No2
Krazy Kitchen No5 Krazy Kitchen No5
Kissing in Havana Kissing in Havana
The Globe The Globe
Joie de Vivre Joie de Vivre
Beak Dance Beak Dance
Twilight Zone Twilight Zone
Explorer Explorer
Subflute Subflute
Birds over the creek of Juleboda Birds over the creek of Juleboda
La Mer La Mer
Father and Son Father and Son
Planet X Planet X
Ruins Ruins
Lawyers Lawyers
Trial Trial
Al MacBuddha Al MacBuddha
Process Process
Pair Pair
Two Pots Two Pots
At the Bar At the Bar
Jailhouse Rock Jailhouse Rock
Voodo-Boogie Voodo-Boogie
Ocra Dog in Strasbourg Ocra Dog in Strasbourg
The Port The Port
Krazy Kitchen No3 Krazy Kitchen No3
Sunny Side Up Sunny Side Up
Opera Opera
The third man The third man
Wagga Bond leaves the sheds of Lövboda Wagga Bond leaves the sheds of Lövboda
Operation Sweden Operation Sweden
Medusa in Blue Medusa in Blue
Krazy Kitchen No1 Krazy Kitchen No1
Man with Dog Man with Dog
Shadow Bather Shadow Bather
Landscape Flux Landscape Flux
Couple in Park Couple in Park
Nightclubbing Nightclubbing
New Liverpool Bar New Liverpool Bar
Morning Avenue Morning Avenue